Why You Should choose 9ja Events for Your Tickets

9JA EVENTS is an event ticketing service platform in Nigeria with an excellent service guideline and responsive customers’ relation and zeal to continuously improve on what we do.

9JA EVENTS is aware that for most people that buys ticket, the ticket is the only physical evidence for entrance into the live event they are attending. 9JA EVENTS is therefore under obligation to provide its services with extra commitment and highest service quality standards assured to create satisfactory relationship with its clients. This, 9JA EVENTS takes seriously to strengthen our service quality and build confidence in our services.

9JA EVENTS uses latest innovation and technology to carryout our services,and its always prepared to localized what we do to ensure we provide seamless Ticketing to all categories of events at all locations in Nigeria.

Being guided by our core principle, 9JA EVENTS is prepared to deliver on all kinds of events that requires ticketing at multiple locations same time. We pride ourselves as partners of Event Organizers who is always available to walk the line with them and share in their challenges also.

How safe is it to pay with my card on your Website?
We got you covered. We don’t use our website to get the payment direct, we use a secured payment gateway, Paystack, hence your card details are encrypted and safe.

Can I promote and sell my event tickets on 9jaevents.com?
Yes you can, that’s why we are here.
Kindly drop us an email at sales@9jaevents.com or call us at 07065245738. We would be glad to assist you.

Is there a limit to the number of tickets that can be purchase online?
Not at all, You can buy as many tickets as possible across the ticket categories.

How do I pay for my ticket(s)?
You can buy your ticket(s) on 9ja Events using Cash, Bank Transfer or all type of Debit card, (Visa, Varve, Mastercard) using our secure payment gateway, Paystack.

I am in another city can I buy ticket for someone?
Sure you can, our platform is not tied to any particular city, as long as you have access to the internet and can access our website, then you can buy ticket for anyone in any city.

How long does it take for the ticket(s) to reach me by mail?
Ticket delivery email will be sent immediately after successful transaction and purchase, however, if your tickets do not get to you, please do not hesitate to call us on  07065245738 or email us at sales@9jaevents.com.

Is there a time limit for purchase of event ticket(s) on your platform?
Time for completion online: Yes. As soon as you begin purchasing ticket(s), you should complete the transaction within 30mins otherwise you’ll be logged out automatically.
Time to Start of Event: We work with our event organizers, if the capacity of the event hall is not met, we can sell tickets till one hour before the start of the event or as the organizers would prefer.

I mistakenly lost my reference number, can I get it back?
We are sincerely sorry to hear this, nevertheless, kindly send us an email to sales@9jaevents.com.

Can I cancel the ticket(s) I purchased?
Sure, you can cancel your order and get a refund as long as it’s not on the day of the said event. Simply send us an email at: sales@9jaevents.com

How do I get a receipt for the ticket(s) I bought on your Platform?
As soon as you complete your transaction, you will receive an email of confirmation for a successful purchase, that email will include your receipt.

How can I ask for assistance when buying tickets on your platform?
Kindly send us an email at sales@9jaevents.com or call us at 07065245738. Remember most of our activities are usually on official hours, however, we encourage you to send us a WhatsApp Message on the same number, 07065245738 and we will do our best to help you out.


For Any assistants and inquiries:
Kindly Call/WhatsApp us on: 07065245738
Email: sales@9jaevents.com