How to buy

Follow the steps below to place your order

STEP 1: It is believed that you are already on the website before seeing this, however if you are not, then the first step is to; logon to

STEP 2: Scroll down to the event you want to buy ticket for and click on it;

STEP 3: Select the ticket type from the displayed list or click on the dropdown select the quantity you want to buy then click on ‘Buy Ticket’;

STEP 4: The Ticket(s) selected will automatically be added to cart;

STEP 5: Click on ‘Proceed to Payment or Proceed to checkout’;

STEP 6: Once you get to the Billing Page, ensure you complete the billing form with your correct information/details to avoid error(s) in transaction ;

STEP 7: Click on ‘Place Order’;

STEP 8: Click on ‘Pay’ then the website will automatically take you to PAYSTACK secured payment portal;

STEP 9: Enter Your Card Details;(i.e. Card Number, Card PIN, CVV) the your Payment will Successful

You will automatically receive a confirmation email with a Unique Reference Number. Keep the Reference Number Safe and remember to come along with it to the Event Venue, Display it and you will be granted access to the Event Venue.


As part of our customers’ relation, and also to protect the overall interest of our customers, if you buy an event ticket from our platform and you don’t get all that was promised in that event by the organizers, you reserve the exclusive right to demand a refund within 24hrs after the event—however, Terms and Conditions Applied in this regard.

For Any assistants and inquiries:
Kindly Call/WhatsApp us on: 07065245738